Data Tools

Design-Your-Own-CSV Tool for Point Data

This tool allows you to customize the creation of a text Comma-Separated-Value(CSV) file of data. For each file, the user selects a point location from a map, a frequency(i.e. daily/monthly) for the data, and a time period. The user customizes the ordering of the columns in the CSV file by selecting a MACA product,variable and a global climate model. The tool generates a view of the CSV file and allows the user to download it directly to their computer.

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Data Portal Tool for Gridded/Raster Data

This tool provides a data portal to 3 MACA data products, specifically for gridded/raster data. Upon the user selecting from options defining the different data that they are interested in, a text file is generated. This text file can contain either URLs for getting a piece of data or bash scripts which can be executed to download the data to your desktop.

This tool also has information on 'best practices' for downloading MACA data. Check it out before you start!

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Tutorial on Using Geo Data Portal

This tutorial is designed to help you to understand how to use the Geo Data Portal(GDP) to get either a subset of the MACA data or an area average of the MACA data over your favorite region. GDP allows you to select your region by either drawing a polygon on a map, selecting from stored common regions or to upload your own shape file. GDP allows you to download this data in either netCDF or geoTIFF format.

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Tutorial on Using OPeNDAP

OPeNDAP is a way for you to download MACA data directly from your favorite software program (i.e. MATLAB, R, python,IDL). OPeNDAP works with the THREDDS server on the Northwest Knowledge Network to allow you the ability to download pieces of the netCDF data files. You can access the metadata in the files. You can access the latitude/longitude grids. And finally you can download either the entire data from the netCDF files or a subset. The information here shows you how to find the right OPeNDAP URL and use it in your favorite program (sample code is provided for MATLAB,R,python and IDL) specifically to get MACA data.

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Data Catalogs Tool

This tool allows you to select a MACA product and to view the data catalogs for all available data. The data catalog view allows you to find URL links to web services provided by the Northwest Knowledge Network, such as OPeNDAP, Netcdf Subsetting Service (NCSS) and Web Mapping Service (WMS). Under the OPeNDAP link, the user can find the general metadata for the files as well as the metadata for the variables in each data file. Some data extraction can be done on the fly with the web service tools provided in the data catalog, such as downloading an individual file (i.e. HTTPServer), a subset of an individual file (i..e NetcdfSubset).

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