Using Downscaling at Station Locations

The MACA dataset is gridded data (either on 4-km or ~6-km grid cells). The incongruence between gridded data and station data can be rather pronounced in complex terrain, necessitating that the downscaled projections be adjusted for the station locations.

This process should be done by first identifying the grid-cell which is co-located with each station and then performing a secondary bias correction procedure of the grid-cell data to that station data. For variables such as radiation and winds where station data is not available, interpolation of the 4-km value at the center of the cell to the station location is acceptable.

If you need assistance with tailoring the downscaled data to stations, please inquire with John Abatzoglou for how we might be able to collaborate with you to help you.

Station locations within the 4-km grid cells of MACAv1-METDATA max temperature data.