Bias Maps

Visualize the differences(biases) between the downscaled MACA data and the training dataset used for the downscaling(top plot) and the differences between future and historical downscaled MACA data (bottom plot). Changes in the mean-value (left), 99th percentile (middle), and 1st percentile, for each variable are shown in the columns, where for precipitation we show number of dry days (<0.1mm) (right) instead of 1st percentile.

Select a product, variable and model to visual the biases of the downscaled MACA data from the training data:




Top row: Experiment RCP8.5 (2070-2099) and HIST (1950-2005).
Bottom row: Experiment HIST (1950-2005) and observations (OBS).
Units: Percent for precipitation, humidity and wind, and degrees C for temperature, and W/m2 for radiation.