The NOOA Climate Prediction Center provides seasonal forecasts from the North American Multi-Model Ensemble (NMME) Project. This includes:

  • seasonal forecasts of temperature and precipitation
  • seven models from the USA and Canada

  • Here at the University of Idaho, we have downscaled the seasonal forecast data from 7 NMME models using the gridMET gridded observational dataset and provide the following over the Western USA at 4-km (1/24-deg) resolution:
  • downscaled monthly forecasts of mean temperature and total precipitation
  • daily disaggregations of the downscaled monthly forecasts(to be used for modeling) for the following daily variables:
    • Maximum/Minimum daily temperature
    • Total Daily Precipitation
    • Average Daily Downward Shortwave Solar Radiation
    • Average Daily Specific Humidity
    • Average Daily Wind Speed

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    • Maps of Forecasts over the Models
    • Time Series of Monthly/Daily Data
    • Tables of Forecast Skill from Models

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    • Point Data Extraction in CSV format
    • Data in netCDF format
    • Data Catalog of data available

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    The original NMME data used by this project is provided by the NMME project and is disseminated by NOAA, NSF, NASA and DOE with the help of NCEP, IRI and NCAR personnel in creating, updating and maintaining the NMME archive.

    The downscaled NMME data outputted from this project is hosted on the Northwest Knowledge Network (NKN) at the University of Idaho.

    The research for this project was supported by USDA National Institute for Food and Agriculture grant no. AFRI-60-5360-2-832.