UI-ACSL Data Download Tools

Design-Your-Own-CSV Tool for Point Data

This tool allows you to customize the creation of a text Comma-Separated-Value(CSV) file of data. For each file, the user selects a point location from a map, a frequency(i.e. daily/monthly) for the data, and a time period. The user customizes the ordering of the columns in the CSV file by selecting an Integrated Scenarios product,variable and global climate model. The tool generates a view of the CSV file and allows the user to download it directly to their computer.

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Future Map Summary Projections Data Layer

This tool visualizes spatial maps of projections of select MACA data over seasons (winter,spring,summer,fall, annual), over early/mid/late 21st century for the individual global climate models and the multi-model mean. Additionally, all the projections from the different models can be viewed at once. The user has the ability to overlay US state and county boundaries on the map. The user can also download the data for the maps as netCDF files, geoTiffs or obtain a Web Mapping Service (WMS) URL.

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Data Portal Tool for Gridded/Raster Data

This tool provides a data portal to the future climate/hydrology/vegetation projectios from the Integrated Scenarios project. This portal is mainly for dispensing the gridded/raster data, but will also dispense point data. Upon the user selecting the different data that they are interested in, a data cart fills will all the data files that satisfy the user's selections. The tool will also generate a script which the user can take away to execute to download multiple data files.

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